When's the best time to have portraits taken?

That is one of the most frequent questions I get asked. And the answer is ANYTIME. This week started my latest installment of my ongoing project "My First Best Friend" at the Ridgefield Library, (show information here.) And this project is the perfect example of how there's no such thing as a good time or bad time to plan your family's portraits. We've all heard the expression, life is short. Well it is. It can be. And regret is the worst feeling.

This session was a lot of fun with these two young siblings. The big brother is in preschool and his little sister is having fun just following him around. We had a beautiful Spring morning at the park and explored a bit together. The little curls of her hair reminded me of my daughter at that age. You know those curls don't last forever and I can still remember twirling them on my finger as she sat on my lap.