Let me guess, you hate to have your photo taken...

Me too! That's why I promise to make the experience surprisingly fun. Yes, I said FUN!


It's no secret that most people hate having their photo taken. Is it because you think it won't be flattering? Or that it isn't a true representation of who you are? Or that you just lack the self confidence to look into the camera and OWN IT!

Whatever your reason is, I'm here to tell you - I can change that.

I know - that sounds like a tall order! But just check out the testimonials from my clients to find out what their headshot experience was like.


After all...it's not JUST a headshot...

It's someone's FIRST impression of you.

You need your audience to see the REAL you...but, how can you show them?

We offer our clients personal branding credibility, clarity and conviction to be seen in the best way possible so your ideal clients will connect with you and want to do business with you.

Your headshots represent your style and spirit as well as your "WHY."



I’m Nina Pomeroy, a San Francisco bay area professional photographer and personal branding expert. I help entrepreneurs who want to sell authentically, increase their confidence and inspire trust by helping their clients see the authentic and approachable person behind their brand.

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Is this you?

"I hate having my photo taken..."

  • I'm not photogenic. (Being photogenic is not inherited it's learned - and I'll teach you.)
  • I have no idea what to wear. (I'll share my styling tips and can even help you choose your wardrobe.)
  • I'm nervous. (Every single client was nervous at first. I am here to guide you through the entire experience and will even make it fun for you!)
  • I'm not sure I'm ready to make the financial investment. (If you invest in your self it shows potential clients that YOU ARE WORTH IT; that you VALUE yourself. This will ultimately give them the very same confidence to INVEST IN YOU. If you don't invest in yourself why should someone invest in YOU?)

Read what the NY Times has to say about Personal Branding Photography.


OK, I think I'm ready. What's next?

    Fill out the form below and we will set up a time to chat and strategize your session. We will explore your "why," define who your ideal client is and what kind of visual brand statement you want to achieve. I’ll share my experiences and collaborate with you on how to capture your personal style and share your message.

    Next, we will discuss your “look” - everything from wardrobe to location to props. We will review your outfit choices (I love it when clients send me photos of their ideas.) I will here to support your through the entire process.