What story is your headshot telling about you?

Before they even meet you in person, they are “meeting you” virtually online.

Does your headshot represent not only what you look like but what you are LIKE to work with? I think it should.

My personal branding headshot sessions produce so much more than a close-up of your face, but a valuable communication tool used to express both who you are, and what you do. Positioning you as an expert in your field and providing your clients with a more personalized brand experience.

Personal branding photography uses the art of professional photography to tell the story of your business through images, taking your brand to the next level. Investing in photos to market and advertise your brand not only positions you as an expert in your field but it gives clients and your audience a more authentic brand experience.


When you have something incredible to share with the world, you deserve equally incredible photography to help not only show, but tell your story.


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I was at first concerned that the photos would look staged or unimaginative. This didn’t come true. Instead you captured my energy and excitement that I have for my work and for who I have become. The whole experience was very easy. Beyond hiring you and deciding what to wear, I didn’t have to make any decisions. In my life and business right now, that’s huge. These aren’t your stuffy headshots. You’ll get photos that express who you are. Not photos that looks like everyone else.
— Kirsten
I was so happy when I left your studio and so unbelievably pleased with the results. You made me comfortable and took all of my “worries” away. I have showed the photos to so many people and given your name to them. And as a professional, I don’t do that unless I am 100% confident.
— Kristen
I loved her brand strategy work with me up front. It helped me solidify my ideal client and my objective for having a portfolio of personal branding photos. My business just launched in January so I am very in tune to expenses and I hoped that the value of the photos would help with my business. I am SO happy with the results! They capture me, my personality and my objective for having them taken. You made me feel confident and I enjoyed the process.
— Amy
I really loved how enjoyable Nina made the whole experience. We spent time chatting and getting to know each other. This made me feel much more comfortable in front of the camera, and it was easy to follow her direction. Nina was able to capture something more in her headshots than another photographer might have. I ended up with my own library of images that were all very different in terms of look and the aspects of my personality they expressed. I think this reflects a certain artistry or talent on Nina’s part that goes beyond simply taking a professional photo.
— Abigail



After running a successful business for almost 19 years, I provide a guarantee that you’ll love your images. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients results that accommodate their personal brand.



About Me



I believe in simple pleasures. I am a passionate person with a lot of love for my family, for my friends and for God. As a cancer survivor I live life one day at a time and take deep breaths of gratitude that I'm still here.

Born and raised in New York, my work exhibits the love I have for timeless history combined with the modern edge of being a city girl. What's the saying... "you can take a girl out of New York but you can't take New York out of the girl."

Starting as a travel photographer back in 2000, I then moved on to child and family portraits and now focusing solely on headshots and real estate/interiors photography. Known for a fun and collaborative vibe I'm always looking for unique ways to get "the shot." Style and experience are the reasons why clients keep coming back over and over. With numerous exhibits and publications worldwide in magazines and books, I love to create timeless art.

East coast - New York, Connecticut and Florida are just some of the places I often travel to. Learn more about my travel schedule here

I approach every single photography assignment with a story in mind. Your story.

Contact me and together we will tell your story.