What some of our clients have had to say about their experience with Nina Pomeroy Photography:

Video Testimonial by Danell P.

My favorite part had to be the location. She suggested it, fortunately we were able to get there and the experience was amazing. Outside of the location, my favorite part was how comfortable she made me feel which I think was caught in my photos and what was clear in the photographs of your other clients. Nina has a gift for bringing the best out in your clients; young or old. She’s a rock star; you’ll love working with her. She’s so worth the investment and so are you.
— Paul
I highly recommend working with Nina, she has a great eye and makes the process of taking your photos enjoyable, plus you get amazing photos to choose from with a wide variety of poses.
— Annette
I could tell this was different because we chatted about what I was thinking and you were so open to it. From our first step into the suggested locations, your eye was on full power – you were able to see great spots and backgrounds right off the cuff, and the photos prove how great they were! We were working with sun and shadows and very different backgrounds with textures and people walking around. You were a complete pro with each situation and I was so at ease due to your confidence.

I really loved the two words exercise. I’m a big visualizer so having those two words really helped me embody what they felt like, the person I want to live as with those two words. Throughout the shoot, you talked to me about me and my business and my vision for myself. I felt fully seen and heard (I mean it! What a gift you have!) That combined with your sense of humor and warmth, it was natural to have the real Me come through.

I think every person is nervous to have headshots done. Will I look like a robot? Will it just look like anyone else’s photo? I have had professional photos taken before, but I have never experienced such ease and confidence as I did in this shoot with you, Nina! I really appreciate the coaching in how to stand and tips to relax – as you can see from the photos, your tips worked wonderfully. I don’t look like a robot and I don’t have a fake smile plastered on my face and I’m not standing in an awkward position! You have a great sense of how your subject might be feeling and have a magical skill to put them at ease. I had a great time with you, and LOVE LOVE LOVE my photos!
— Karen H.
If you’re looking for quality portraits that have a natural, easy look and you want a session that won’t take hours to get several great images, then hire Nina!
— Sue G.
I really loved how enjoyable Nina made the whole experience. We spent a lot of time up front just chatting and getting to know each other. This made me feel much more comfortable in front of the camera, and it was easy to follow her direction. Also, I felt like Nina was able to capture something more in her headshots than another photographer might have. I ended up with four shots that were all very different in terms of look and the aspects of my personality they expressed. I think this reflects a certain artistry or talent on Nina’s part that goes beyond simply taking a professional photo.
— Abigail S.
I hate being the center of attention and am always critical of the way I look in pictures...I was worried about looking like a dork. In my own humble opinion, this did not come true. I actually think the shots she took of me look good. We had a fun conversation while the shoot went on; it helped distract from the fact the I was the center of attention for the camera, which makes me uncomfortable. Nina is fun to work with, and, having done this countless times, she knows how to read the people she’s photographing, myself included, and steer them into the right mood, the right position and the right place to get the most from the session and come up with the winning shot(s).
— Joseph Z.
I was worried that I wouldn’t look natural, that the re-touch would take away who I was... didn’t happen! I love the way the photos look. I liked the casual/easy way she worked with me and put me at ease.

She’ll bring out the best you!
— Heather R.
I knew I needed a professional headshot portrait to portrait my business brand. However, I am uncomfortable in front of the camera and was concerned that my discomfort and apprehension would be what came across in the photos and that the images might look unnatural. To my absolute delight and surprise the complete opposite happened! Once we got started I relaxed, had fun and really enjoyed the session! The resulting images truly capture my personality and, I believe, reflect how I look when I feel my best - comfortable, relaxed and confident.

Nina is amazing…talented, fun, easy going and the photos will exceed your greatest expectations! Nina’s gift is that she is able to capture a subject’s most authentic self and, for that reason, her images are always beautiful and unique.
— Rochelle W.
After meeting Nina for the first time I knew I would have no concerns about the quality, delivery or final product. The first set of pictures (in 2004) were outstanding and with each session I am more blown away.

My favorite part, or should I say many parts, of my experience working with her is her personality, connection with our family and her forever smile. Having worked with Nina for 11 years now, she has so calmly and happily captured beautiful images even on the craziest days. Through laughter, sickness, postpartum insanity, grumpy, tired moments she managed to capture them all perfectly and give us a true picture of who we are together. And I love that she have become a part of our family and that my kids never complain that it is picture day!

My living room is one huge recommendation to Nina! Except raving about how lovely she is, I don’t have to say much. Her work says it all. People walk in, pause and can’t stop commenting from one picture to the next. I have told all of my friends that it is a priceless gift and she is amazing! And then I finish with, “Nina will be at their weddings!
— Stephanie F.
I was concerned about getting a good selection of natural photos. A head shot can be tricky as it is necessary to find the sweet spot between professional and authentic. Nina gave me lots of excellent choices. She is relaxed and easy to talk to and she explained why she was asking me to pose a certain way, which I appreciated. Together we reviewed as we went along, which gave me confidence I would walk away with what I asked for. She will listen to you and provide the right blend of professionalism, skill and fun to get the job done and make the experience enjoyable and worthwhile.
— Viviane K.
Nina has taken photos of my 3 kids for the last 3 years. It is not an easy task to get two 5 year olds and a 13 year old all to smile and be happy at the same time, but Nina succeeds in getting children relaxed so that their personalities shine through. I have my photos displayed at work and at home, and receive many compliments. You can trust Nina to preserve your family’s precious memories.
— Michelle C.
I work with Nina Pomeroy photographing architectural interiors for Design Builders & Remodeling. She is not only an extremely creative and professional photographer, but also a pleasure to work with. Nina has a wonderful eye for details and composition. It is very rare, that you find someone who is so enjoyable, responsible and accommodating to work. I hope we have the opportunity to work on many more projects together.
— Hilary C.
I was a bit nervous about having my photo taken by someone I had not met - it seems like an “intimate” kind of experience, but Nina made me feel TOTALLY at ease from the moment I walked in...

It [the experience] was fun. She made me feel totally comfortable and then the whole process was interesting; learning about the lighting, positioning and props... I also LOVED the photos!

Go to Nina for your photos. You will love her!
— Jenny M.
My biggest worry was that we wouldn’t get any good pictures because my son would fail to cooperate. She has always been amazingly flexible and patient and we have always gotten some awesome shots!

As a mom herself, she understands how to deal with kids and also what moms are hoping to get out of the experience.

She is reliable, patient, have a super quick turnaround, and above all, she is a great photographer.
— Debbie O.
I think my biggest concern when working with Nina for the first time was that the photos would not be what I expected or envisioned. Instead, Nina is so innately talented, she can see things that I don’t notice and the photos come out just incredible. A moment or expression otherwise missed was instead captured and the essence of my daughter is forever frozen in time.

I love the relaxed atmosphere, that is professional and structured enough for even the most controlling person; but I enjoy how Nina relates to me as a Mom. She truly understands how important these moments are and immediately puts you at ease. Jokes fly, stories are told and quietly in the background the camera is clicking away. In a recent shoot with my parents, daughter and niece, I was moved by simply seeing all of these people that I love in one place creating memories of their own. Feelings are somehow magically captured in photographic prints to be treasured.

If I were to recommend her to my best friend I’d tell her to brush her hair, make sure her kids faces are clean and just show up. Everything else is in Nina’s capable and kind hands.
— Cindy N.
It’s has been gift enough to have gotten to know you this year and every time I look at our beautiful family photos, I think our session together, a long awaited time to be a five-some again and the care with which you handled us...puppy and all!
— Mary H.

I have Nina’s artwork hanging all over my home. They are so special to me, not just because they’re beautiful, but also because they bring me back to those moments so clearly. There is something about Nina that allows her to get the best from my children. Working with her is easy and enjoyable!
— Ange L.
The images that Nina has captured of our children are priceless. She has an amazing eye - talented & professional. Our children enjoy working with her as well!
— Susanne B.
I’ve known Nina both personally and professionally for over 13 years, and in that time, I continue to admire and cherish the work that she has done for our family. From our first portrait session, a session overseas, and to our most recent, Nina captures the spirit and vitality of our girls, and the love my husband and I have for them - I can only hope that Nina stays in business long enough to capture our girls’ weddings!!
— Kimberly A.
Nina Pomeroy took portraits of my daughter, as well as my husband and I at our home. The results were breathtaking! I highly recommend Nina for numerous reasons; she was very relaxed and took pictures at our pace, she gained my daughter’s trust by not forcing smiles just being natural and playing with her and when I contacted her with any questions regarding the session she was extremely responsive. I have never met anyone so understanding about what it takes to get great photos from a child. I was pleasantly surprised at the whole experience.
— Edith C.
My sister and I arranged a session for our children to be photographed together. We live in different parents of the world so this was a special occasion for us. Our parents were also visiting and as most adults can contest, we were not interested I having our portraits taken that day. Nina gently convinced us and we are so thrilled with the unexpected results. We now have photos from this special reunion and will treasure them for years to come. We can’t recommend Nina enough.
— Lydia B.

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