Natural Light Headshots

The longer days of Spring brings out some beautiful natural light settings here in the East Bay of San Francisco. Chatting away with graceful lady made the time just slip away. She's starting a new chapter in her life by starting a new business. Did you know women start more small businesses than men? Go ladies! I have too many favorites to share them all here but here's just a few.

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When's the best time for family portraits? | Walnut Creek Photographer

I get asked this all the time. When is the best time to have portraits done? As a photographer I will tell you anytime! As a person - I will tell you - don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. Life can be unexpectedly short. We have no control of what happens tomorrow. 

When I first met this beautiful woman at a local Lean-In Group I was instantly connected to her. She's a passionate financial planner who works not just from her vast experience, but from the heart. She truly cares about you and your family. When she told me her oldest daughter would be visiting from Paris for the holidays I said - we need to do this! Add her Dad who has not been well to the group as well. Because, again, life is precious.

We had a wonderful time together the day before Christmas Eve and captured some very special moments together.