My love affair ....

Happy Valentine's Day! I thought I'd share a thought I've had with you. I have had a love affair with photography for my entire life. No, I'm not going to say "photography is my passion," or "I've know all my life I was meant to be a photographer." These sound trite to me. My relationship with photography is like a love affair. 

Yes, I love taking photos. I love the meaning it gives to those who are photographed. Do you look back on a love affair you've had earlier in your life? It was passionate, it was fierce, it was short lived, perhaps. However, NOW you look back, somewhat longingly and say, that was an amazing time in my life. You can close your eyes, visualize the moments, the places, even the smells. 

I'm afraid that there won't be any photos for the next generation.

If I asked you just one question:

Where do most of your photographs reside? Smartphone? Computer? Printed in a photo album or book?

I'm pretty sure more than 50% of you would answer: on a digital device such as a phone, a computer or the "cloud." Well what happens to those mediums when they die? And they might. If you said: they are on Facebook, or Instagram? Well those are free services that could disappear at any moment. Then what would you do? Where would all your memories be? In your head? 50-100 years from now, there will be no trace of your child's first birthday party, or a family vacation, or even a wedding! 

This makes my heart race (not in a good way) just thinking about it.

So, how do you preserve all your visual memories? PRINT THEM! 

When you are reminiscing with an old friend or grandchildren, will you hand them a dvd or a usb drive and say - here load these up and let's take a look. That's the equivalent of my Dad dragging out the slide projector and screen and the rest of us cringing at sitting through hours of photos of me eating cake or sleeping. (Yes, a little creepy - I agree!)

Printed photos are timeless and will exist regardless of the changes of technology.

There are many easy ways to print out photos from your phone. Upload to or use Apple print services from iphoto on your computer. It's easy. Set yourself a reminder on a calendar to just do it.

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