Female Headshot - Bay Area Photographer

So many people are gearing up for the new year and having updated headshot portraits taken. Headshots are not just for actors - they are for EVERYONE who has a social media profile that is interested in putting their best image forward. You know you have milliseconds to make a first impression on the internet, right?

female tech headshot by bay area photographer nina pomeroy

San Ramon Photographer | Lifestyle Portraits

Since arriving at my new home, I have hit the ground running. Re-starting my photography business after 16 years of being established in the New York and Connecticut area is not without it's challenges. However, I have been welcomed by some great fellow small business owners which brought me to the decision to join my local San Ramon Chamber of Commerce. One person in particular stood out to me during a business mixer who later honored me with the pleasure to photograph him and his partner. They were heading out to a special awards dinner in which he was receiving a great honor. But first, he wanted to remember the special occasion.