Airbrushing for headshots | Social Media Headshots

I get a lot of requests to shoot professional headshots for my clients. Whether they want to update their social media profile pic, update their website or include a new photo on their business cards, a great headshot is guaranteed to get attention.

What surprises me, is how many photographers either don’t offer professional retouching or charge extra for it. (There’s also the photographers that just run an automated filter on your images so that you’re skin looks like a barbie doll…)

My studio has ALWAYS been a full service studio. What does that mean? It means that basic retouching (one round) is INCLUDED in the cost of your high-resolution images. I don’t like to be nickel and dimed, so I’m not in the business of doing that to my clients.

Thanks to being in business since 2000 and lots of education, I am a master retoucher.

Here’s a before and after of some retouching we did for a recent client. We turned a great portrait into a FABULOUS one. Still natural looking, however, we made some minor enhancements to address the client’s concerns as well as mine.