Client Spotlight | Interior Designer Headshot and Personal Brand Photography

Meet the lovely Sheeja Nair of Raashi Design

Why do you do this type of work?

I truly believe that people need an inspiring environment to be their best. I am in a position where I can use all the knowledge and experience I have assimilated over the years in different fields and use that to create inspiring spaces that can make people feel better and more positive. I love the fact that I can combine my creativity and scientific knowledge and make a change in people’s lives and enhance their lifestyle.

Describe your ideal client. Who are you hoping to connect with through your images?

I have specialized in luxury and contemporary interiors. My ideal client would be someone who

- Loves upscale interiors

- Leads a busy life

- Want to make the house reflect their lifestyle

- Takes pride in showing their home and enjoys entertaining

How does your client's life change after working with you? What's the outcome?

The house works for the way they live their lives. Attention to detail ensures that it is highly functional and caters to their lifestyle, and still looks beautiful. They enjoy coming back to their home and spending time there.

What is your signature method or process? Tell us more about working with you.

Most of the projects I do are turn-key. Embarking on a project is stressful and no one can avoid that. I try to minimize the headaches and make the process enjoyable for my client. Knowing upfront how long the project is going to take, how to avoid delays during the implementation of the design and what the project will cost is really helpful for my clients. Finishing the design and selection of everything and getting accurate bids based on those specifications saves time, avoids delays and budget issues. With the help of 3D renderings, the client can see how their spaces look even before the work starts. How much, how long and what the end result would be are so crucial for anyone who embarks on a project and that’s what I try to provide so the client has peace of mind, minimal "surprises" and is able to enjoy the process. In this scenario, we take care of design, sourcing and project coordination so my busy clients need not worry about the project running smoothly. This includes: - Creating a Design concept - Space Planning/layout & lighting design - Architectural and design details - Specification and selection of all finishes, materials, fixtures, fittings, furniture & furnishings - 3D rendering of the spaces so client can see how the finished would look, even before the actual implementation starts

What do you do for your clients that is unexpected? How do you make them feel special?

Being there for moral support throughout the project. I want them to feel confident about approaching me at any point. Educating them about design options and helping them make decisions. I also get professional photography done for projects and gift the client with photos in some form, be it a photo book of the journey, or something else along with a hand written Thank you card. Even though I am not expected to be present during installations by trades, I try to stop by or stay for those just to make sure everything is going according to the design. When I am with the client, I am 100% present and like to make them feel they are the only ones I care about during that time. They get my full attention and I totally dedicate my time with them for them. When I am working at my studio on a client's project, there is no limit to the amount of time I spend or the options I will try, to ensure that the design is just right.

When people see your brand images, what do you want them to feel?

I am specialized in mid-to-high-end and luxury interiors. When looking at my brand, I want people to sense that they are going get very high quality in terms of design as well as service. At the same time, I want them to feel that I am easily approachable and open. The idea is to take out the stress part of the whole process while delivering unique and lifestyle interiors.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration for me can come from anywhere. I love looking at beautiful things – be it nature, buildings, architecture, art or even simple things such as TV shows, movies, a piece of fabric etc. Even pictures of beautifully done interiors sometimes trigger something in my brain and make it go crazy with ideas and thoughts. I like travelling and learning about other cultures. I try as much as I can to follow the latest trends and products in the market, not just in the US, but all over the world.

What do you love to do outside of work that can give us a peek at who you are behind the scenes?

I love traveling with my family and having family and friends over. I like trying new things and experimenting – whether it’s food or a game or designing. I love walking, hiking and dancing - most of my exercise routines are either Zumba, Sh’bam, Bombay Jam. I love badminton too (played on my school and college teams).

What the three core messages of your business?

I believe one needs an inspiring environment to be the best and happy. I want to help people that way. I have the experience, expertise, fearless approach to original design. I always liked organized, functionally complete, life style oriented, beautiful spaces around me. Then I can be myself and concentrate on the more important things. I want to do the same for my clients - take away the pain of the whole process from them, make it enjoyable and exciting and deliver the result. "Doing it" and "doing it the right way" are very different things, and I believe in the latter, learning and researching as much as I can about every aspect for every project. It's part of my DNA.

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