5 Ways to Use Your PERSONAL BRAND to Get More Clients

Recently I had coffee with someone I met through at the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce. She asked this question - "I had a photoshoot recently and I didn't get the images I needed but I didn't and still don't know exactly what to ask for either. What should I ask for if I don't want just a set of nice headshots?"

The majority of my clients need some combination of the following 5 kinds of images (not always, but typically)

1.  Potential clients and followers want to see YOU embodying the experience that they will have access to by working with you. For example, if you are an online educator who teaches women the tools needed to start a business in order to have location independence, I want to see images of you working in beautiful unexpected locations. If you are a speaker who promotes abundance mindsets as the path to living a rich life, we want to see you living that rich life. Make sense?

2.  Clients want to imagine what it would be like to be with you in real life. This question comes up often when I'm planning a session with a client; "If you could not connect with your clients virtually, what would the environment you meet with them look like? Would you book a table at a fabulous restaurant and have a meeting over a glass of proseco? Would you meet with them at your home, barefoot on your couch with a warm cup of tea? Would you welcome them into your chic, modern office and get to business? You get it, create a vision for what your clients imagine their time with you would look like, feel like and have fun with it!

3.  We want to connect with you authentically, we want to feel you and we want to feel seen by you. These days, we as consumers are so sensitive to authenticity, we want to feel like we know you. I want you to have images where the real YOU shows up; the playful one, the joyful one, the confident one, the deep one, the no-nonsense one, the teacher, the friend, the expert. We sometimes want a simple direct headshot that says more than "I'm in business."

4.  Instagram has made it so fun and easy for people to feel related to us as more than just what we have offer. Lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle, today's modern entrepreneur is living a full rich life and we want to see it. Are you a journaler, a jogger, a resort-hopping beach babe, a lakeside meditator, a forest loving beauty, a whiskey drinker? Create images that give us a full picture of YOU.

5.  Last but not least are those details, details, details. Having a collection of images that capture the "details" of your brand without capturing you necessarily can be a designers gold when they are creating for you a captivating website or when you are building your insta tribe.

Helpful? I hope so!

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With gratitude,