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Meet our latest Client Spotlight - Jo Ann Luisi - Realtor with Compass in the tri-valley

Why do you do this type of work? I love the work I do. We really do our best to help our clients not only prepare their homes so they can get the highest and best price but we also pride ourselves on taking the extra steps necessary to make sure the process as stress free as possible for them, from helping them declutter to educating them on the market and what to expect.

Describe your ideal client. Who are you hoping to connect with through your images? An ideal client for us would be anyone that needs to sell their home and appreciates the additional skills and services we bring to the table.

How does your client's life change after working with you? What's the outcome? Many of our clients tell us “we couldn’t have done this without you.” It fills my heart with joy each time I follow up with our clients after they’ve moved and they’re much happier and healthier in their new location. We know many of our clients are strapped with the financial and physical burden of maintaining a home that they’ve outgrown. Seeing them enjoy their new communities and lifestyles brings them joy.

What is your signature method or process? Tell us more about working with you. It’s all in the details. What overwhelms most people, we break down into a structured project plan. We make a daunting project into manageable tasks which keeps everyone focused on a common goal with reasonable expectations.

What do you do for your clients that is unexpected? How do you make them feel special? We help them identify what they need in their new home and tell them to leave the test to us. Knowing they do not have to handle all the loose ends immediately gives them a sense of relief.

When people see your brand images, what do you want them to feel? That we will serve their best interest. We care about them and their situation and we’re going to do everything we can to help them with their transition and get the highest and best price for their home.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? The gratitude of my past clients. We stay in contact with our clients and their families and hear from them.

What do you love to do outside of work that can give us a peek at who you are behind the scenes? I really enjoy spending time being active with my family; wether it’s pickleball or cycling with my husband or meeting up with my son for hikes. Being with my family and staying active is important to me.

What the three core messages of your business? We are professionals - we care - and we are going to protect your best interest every step of the way.

Learn more about Jo Ann Luisi of Compass HERE.

Nina Pomeroy