Web Site Redesign Photos | Headshot Branding Photographer


One of the things we love to do is collaborate with web site designers. We can assist them in coming up with branding photography ideas that will create a cohesive feel to the new site. If someone is researching your company online first, which you know is definitely going to happen, then you’ll want to show them photos of your team…and perhaps even of your business site and office. What can they expect when they decide to work with you? Do you portray the culture and professionalism of your company?

Above is an image of a 50+ person non-for-profit company spread over multiple locations. We brought our studio to them and photographed the board of directors and all the staff. It was a lot of fun and very convenient and efficient for the staff.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can do the same for you, please drop us a line!