Is your brand just a pretty logo? | Business Lifestyle Photography


If you regularly read my blog, you’ve heard me say MANY times before, if you're not showing up as the face of your brand, you may be hurting your business. 

The facts are simple:

Visibility builds the KNOW LIKE AND TRUST factors.

It can help create connection.

It allows for engagement

And simply, it makes you feel familiar.

In this day and age, the key to get through all the noise in the marketplace, is to attract your audience to your business through repetitive and unique visibility. It’s how you turn an impersonal business into a brand that makes people want to do business with you.

Three simple things you can do today to move from faceless to the face of your brand:

1) Update your Head Shot. Add or update your image on your About Me web page and on your social media profiles. While you're at it, share some news about your business.! This is a great strategy to get you and your brand top of mind.

2) Brand Your Email. Add a branded signature to your email. Close out your messages with your smile! Add a signature that incorporates your brand colors and fonts as well as your social links. This reminds your audience who you are and how they can stay connected with you.

3) Post regularly to your favorite social media avenue. Where do your clients regularly hang out? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter?


Visit your own website. How’s the ratio of words to images? With less time to make an impression, more words do NOT mean people will stick around an actually read all of it. It’s like that resume tip, give the juicy information but leave them wanting more.

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