Knowing the Difference Between Your Personal and Business Brand

Branding is a key component to achieving success. Your brand consists of the experience that your services, expertise and core values that drive the work you do and your relationships with others.

Brands are not just company names and logos. They are also created by the personal interactions you have with clients, colleagues, and other industry professionals.

But many small businesses fail to develop brands that represent the value they provide. Knowing the difference between your personal and business brands gives you better results in your marketing and networking efforts.

Your personal brand is a combination of five elements: 

  1. your core strengths, 

  2. your work style, 

  3. your articulated passion, 

  4. your personal mission statement (12 words or less that informs the work you do) and, 

  5. your value propositions (what people can hire you to do). Who you are at the core and the passion(s) that drive what compels you to do excellent work.

A business brand is attached to a business entity.

More than just a name for your company, a business brand is an identity built around the business. A persona created to help inform what you want customers to think about your business and the experience clients can expect from you – and everyone who works there. Example: Bishops Cut & Color - originated out of Portland. MINORITY OWNED & WOMEN / LGBT LED AND STAFFED.

The benefit with this is that the brand is fixed on the business. It is your company that the client hires… which can decrease the expectation of having your personal attention 24/7. 

But the basics still hold true:

  • A personal brand is about you. personal branding is all about becoming and being seen as the best version of yourself.

  • A business brand is about your business.

The difference is that when you are your business, branding your business starts with you. Because the business brand will always be a reflection of you and what you are known for.

Do You Need Both a Personal Brand and a Business Brand?

The short answer is yes.