Is your headshot a visual cliché?

Visual clichés, much like written clichés, emote a pre-conceived idea rather than an original one. Clichés have no real meaning so they end up distancing rather than engaging your audience. 

So often I find business portrait headshots to be boring. Blank smiles that offer no personality.

You, however, are NOT boring. If your photo is boring, it’s because someone just took your photo, they weren’t taking the time to bring out your STORY in your images. Your WHY.

Interest on the photographer’s part is the first step to creating a final image that causes the viewer to say “I think I’d like to get to know that person.”

No matter what my client’s profession is, my top priority is to learn about them and find out what’s makes them interesting. 

So unless you are seven and being photographed for the marching band at school, you should leave props behind. Your headshots should be personable and unique. They should reach beyond clichés and convey real meaning.