How to Use Brand Photos to Attract Your Ideal Client

Hopefully you love your logo — and that new website. (If not, be sure to contact Jennifer Warren of JW Freelance to help you with that.) Your logo and your website are just two parts of your visual branding package. You just might be missing a KEY element needed to communicate with that dream client.

Do you have Brand Photos? Do you even know what Brand Photos are?

If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about… OR if you just realized that you missed a vital step in the visual branding process, don’t worry, I got you boo! This Guide to Brand Photos will get you versed in this very necessary part of your branding — and fast.


Brand Photos are images that you use to represent your brand and business.


Headshots are the most basic type of brand photos — at the very least, every entrepreneur or small business team, needs a great headshot to represent the “face of the company.” If you’re a personal brand using an “I” or “we” in your brand communications, then people want to see who's speaking! Because on the internet, you’re just a stranger. Good branding is going to help build trust with potential clients — and a quality headshot is like a friendly “hello.”


Brand Portraits take headshots to the next level (and are my favorite type of session). They are lifestyle-type images that feature you in a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse. They are a stylized version of you working. This way, clients can get a look at your space, your process, your brand, your experience, and you. Which in turns will get them comfortable and excited about working with you.


Just like brand portraits, custom styled stock photography offers a behind the scenes peek into your brand. But it removes you from the equation. These images are stylized scenes that represent your brand and your brand experience. They work well in conjunction with headshots and/or brand portraits — because as much as people want to see your face, it doesn't have to be in every single image.



So, we’ve talked about what brand photos are. Here’s how (and where) you’re actually going to use them:


This is obvious, but you should start with your website. This is very likely, one of the first places people will "see" you.

Great design, great photography will help you turn a profit. Curate your website with gorgeous brand photos — and treat it like your brand’s virtual catalog.


Are you often paralyzed with the notion of coming up with content to post to Instagram?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a library of your own branded images?

That’s what you get with brand photos.

Most selfies leave something left to be desired. Next time #fridayintroductions rolls around, you could have a full gallery of brand portraits to choose from. And you'll look like a pro. That will give you confidence — and when you feel confident you can share your gifts with grace and ease.

Have a big announcement coming up? How about that blog post? Posts with images always get more traction. And if you're looking to post on Pinterest you HAVE to have a quality photo to post with the link to your site.

Visual consistency is key to a polished and professional feed. This helps followers and potential clients know what to expect from you. When expectations are met consistently, you build trust.


Here’s a short list of all the ways and places to use your Brand Photography:

  • Your Website
  • Your Facebook Page
  • Your Instagram Profile
  • Pinterest Posts
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Pricing guide
  • Client welcome guide
  • Brand style guide
  • Guest blog posts
  • Guest post bio
  • Speaking engagement bio
  • Professional bio
  • Promo videos
  • Printed advertising
  • Printed marketing pieces
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads

So now that you know what they are and why you need them, are you ready to get started creating your own Brand Photos?

Contact me today to get more info about headshots, brand portraits, and custom styled stock photography.