3 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Business Page

If you have any business, Instagram is a great place to be. Here are my tips on what to do to grow your Instagram page into a follow-worthy profile:

  1. Make sure your Instagram account is a "business profile." Some people like to have two accounts (I do.) One for their business and the other for personal stuff (like all the photos of my hobbies and pets.) The biggest advantage of having a business profile is being able to view your INSIGHTS. You want to know what posts are of most interest to people so that you can continue to grow your follows with other posts that attract more people.
  2. Have an eye-catching profile image. Instagram profiles are the perfect location to showcase your face as the identity of your brand.
  3. Write an interesting bio. You want people to be intrigued to learn more (aka - click on your website link.) First, make sure your IG name is easy to find - searchable and easy for other accounts to find (and ultimately tag you.) Second, state clearly what your business is/does. Consider Including a call to action. This should be the link you use in your bio. Make things simple for your followers.