Personal Branding is for YOUPRENEURS


YOUPRENEURS?! What another buzzword? Yes, sort of. It encompasses all those who know the hustle is real. You get up thinking about your business and often you're up at night thinking about your business. Chances are you LOVE your business - so why not share that with everyone at your very FIRST IMPRESSION. And when is that? More than likely it's on social media. 

Does your headshot convey your "why?" Have you identified and written out your why? One of my favorite books is Start with Why by Simon Sinek. Once you are clear on your why - it will allow you to focus and market to your ideal client. And that's another topic to be discussed in another blog post - identifying down your ideal client - down to the car they drive and the places they shop. 

This beautiful woman is the face of Thrive This Day. She is one of two very inspiring ladies who are touring with their acclaimed "Living Your Inspired Life" workshop. I attended their workshop in Oakland CA and it attracted a great group of people who shared their vunerabilities, their passions and the common goal of wanting to make the most out of this life we are given. Their next workshop is in LA on May 12th and after that Boston on June 23rd. I highly recommend you check them out!