When's the best time to take First Communion photos?

Often, families inquire about hiring a photographer for the actual day of the Communion at the Church and capture portraits of the child and the family. However, I have to suggest that if you are truly interested in portraits, that we should schedule the portrait session before Communion Day.

Here’s why:

  • Communion Day can be stressful, but your session shouldn’t be! Scheduling a day-of session means we will be working with limited time. And if you are running late, then your session will be even shorter.
  • If scheduling immediately after the ceremony, there will be many other families also taking photos of their children inside and outside the church. This can make it difficult to get the ideal location and lighting needed.
  • Additionally, many families schedule a party on the same day as the Communion, and your brain will likely be filled with thoughts of preparations, arriving on time to your party, etc.

If you schedule your session on a different day, you won’t have any time constraints and you will be more relaxed when you arrive for your session. Without all these other logistics to worry about, you will be able to focus on simply having fun with your children, and your photographs will be beautiful.