What NOT to Do During a Headshot Session | East Bay Headshot Photographer Tips


Not all photographers coach their clients on what to do and what NOT to do during a headshot session. Many aren't skilled on how to pose their subjects to best flatter features; equally how to deaccentuate features you may not love.

In addition, many take the time to get to know you and your business to customize a session for maximum results.

Knowing my client's goals are IMPERATIVE to creating beautiful imagery that they will be happy with. Not to mention, this is my favorite part - getting to know one another so I can have creative liberty to create images that I KNOW you will love. 

So, what about what NOT to do during a headshot session?

Here's my top 3 list:

1. Don't expect the photographer will photoshop you into a front page model. Take the time to prepare (I supply you a preparation booklet that makes this super easy.)

2. Don't assume you know the best way to pose for the camera. When hiring an experienced professional headshot photographer you should also be getting a posing coach.

3. Don't forget styling and makeup. Styling comprises of clothing and props. If your session is a Personal Branding session where we visit multiple locations with you doing different things, it helps to plan ahead. I almost always recommend professional makeup. This is not wedding day makeup, however, a professional makeup artist will know how to accentuate certain features that can make or break a headshot. (Did you know that eyebrows is one of the top 3 things that I say must be visited by your makeup artist to make a great portrait?)

Was this helpful? Have you experienced other don'ts? Please comment below and share on social media. I would LOVE to hear from you!


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