On-Site Corporate Headshots for Groups

Many have asked if I only work outdoors and the answer is a big resounding NO! For companies requiring multiple employees to have consistent looking headshots, I can bring my studio to you.

Consistency is KEY. It's important that if you are using these headshots on your corporate website that they all look similar - in the sense of background and lighting. I don't mean that everyone has to dress the same- LOL!

Look at your competition. How are they presenting themselves online? Studio portraits do NOT have to be stiff and boring. We will work together to determine the look and feel that best suits your company culture.

There are many uses for these headshots. Website, social media, business cards, advertising for speaking engagements, etc.  

on-site headshots for the entire company

Take a look at our extensive portfolio and contact us on how we can bring your company up to date and relevant in this very competitive culture. Remember, first impressions count!