Graduation already? | SENIOR Photographer

As my daughter gets ready to graduate from a school she's been at since Pre-K, I'm feeling rather nostalgic. Although, one could say, I'm always nostalgic - it's the reason I began my journey into family portraiture.

These next coming weeks, I don't promise not to cry in front of her and her friends. I'll try to refrain from telling her to get the two boxes of cookies out of her room before the ants march in. Laundry will be permitted to pile up in the corner of the bathroom and her dishes will remain in the sink.

And I will remember this time because in 4 years she'll be graduating high school and moving onto the next big chapter in her life. Hopefully she will always remember where home is and who will always and unconditionally have her back. 

Enjoy your graduates this month and squeeze them extra tight - even if they don't want you to.

And here's one of my favorite throwback images of her.

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