Fashion Forward: A Stylist's Branding Headshot Session | Photographer

What is the first thing you notice when you first meet someone? It all depends on what interests you. Clothing? Shoes? Accessories? Hair? Makeup? When I met Lucia there was no doubt as to what her business was. She has a impeccable style. Great clothes, great shoes and great hair! And, most importantly, a dynamic personality. Did I feel self conscious in what I was wearing? You BET! However, that was quickly allayed. She doesn't judge, but she has fantastic suggestions and ideas. 

When we discussed her Personal Branding Session, she wanted multiple images portraying different things. One with a hint towards her business and the remaining a representation of her personality and lifestyle. I definitely think we achieved this on a gorgeous early evening session by the beach in Westport. (And boy, do I want that orange top of hers!)

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