Motivational Women | Headshot Photographer

With all my work over the years, I have met some incredibly inspirational women. Megan Searfoss is no exception. We were first introduced through my husband who knew her through various local triathlons. I was frustrated with my middle age body not looking the way I'd like so I signed up for her training series to prepare for the annual Mother's Day Run Like a Mother 5K. (Megan is the founder of Run Like a Mother.

Now those of you who don't run, I hear you.... I'd rather be enjoying breakfast in bed in my pajamas on Mother's Day morning than running a 5K with a bunch of other women. I've never met a chocolate covered strawberry or mimosa that I didn't like. I was never a runner. I hated running. Truthfully, I never enjoyed exercising. Then something strange happened. I was hooked. Was it the endorphins? The changes I saw in my body? The fact that overcame an obstacle that I never thought possible? Yes, yes and yes. Megan's book See Mom Run: Every Mother's Guide to Getting Fit and Running Her First 5K is a must read - even if you still haven't convinced yourself that this is something you want to do. Find a friend to share your initial lapse of sanity with and sign up for this 5K. You'll still enjoy those chocolates and mimosas and everything else but when you see your family waiting for you at the finish line it will change how your kids and spouse look at you and you'll feel proud. I promise.

So where was I going with this post? Oh yes, Megan! She asked for a new headshot portrait and of course, I knew it would be fantastic. She's gorgeous and her personality shows through in all her images. See for yourself!