Danville Family Photographer | Brothers

One of the most often questions I get asked is - "did you get anything good?" And the truth is - I usually know at the end of the session if I did. But sometimes I don't.

I don't overshoot and share 50+ images with you because, honestly, I know which are the best and which images you need to have. Why would you need 20 images of the same pose?

Since the creation of digital cameras, everyone is a photographer and thinks they can "fix it on the computer later." This is not always true for a variety of reasons that I won't go into here. As a former film photographer, I know how to nail the exposure correctly in camera and rely on editing software simply to enhance my photographic style that all my images have. 

So why mention this now? Because here is an example of how a Mini Session can create a handful of great images that show a child's personality at this VERY stage they are in. Every stage is special...and fleeting. So capture it - remember it.