Fall Mini Sessions

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Mini Sessions have been popular with many of my clients year after year. Not because of the obvious reason that they are lower priced than a custom Signature Session, but because if you know they work for your family - they can be a quick way to get professional portraits for special milestones. So how do you know if a Mini Session is right for your family? 

Mini Sessions work if:

  • you have willing and cooperative subjects. What this means is if you have a shy child or an extended family (more than 5 subjects) this probably won't be the right session for you. A rule of thumb is these sessions are best for children over the age of 3 but there can be exceptions.) 
  • you are flexible with location and schedule. Mini's are scheduled at pre-determined locations and times. 
  • you value professional photography but may not have the budget now to invest in a custom Signature session.
  • you just want a handful of great images for gifts or stationery (holiday cards.) Mini's yield fewer images that a full Signature session.

There are limited appointments available as the Fall calendar is mostly full already. Don't hesitate to reserve your spot!