History married with modern living | Architectural & Interior Design Photography

I love history. Funny, I didn't love it back when I was in school. Probably because it was never presented to me with interesting photographs..just names and dates. B-O-R-I-N-G!! Now living around so much living history, I am fascinated. You can take a stroll through Main Street and read the signs giving you all sorts of interesting facts. Like did you know Ridgefield is over 300 years old and was settled by English colonists in 1708 after purchasing the land from Chief Catoonah of the Ramapo tribe?

Recently I photographed a historic home from the 1800's and has truly preserved the best part of history while making it suitable (and enviable,) for modern family living. All the work done by Design Builders shown as well as the beautiful interior design by the homeowner made this one of the more fun projects I've ever photographed.