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Headshots come in all styles. Natural light or studio light. Traditional or lifestyle. Whether you are a personal trainer, lifestyle coach, realtor, financial advisor or aspiring model your photographer needs to know how to customize your session to fulfill your goals. What's your goal? To get hired of course! What's that old saying, a photo is worth a thousand words? If you are in the market for a headshot, how will you select a photographer that is the right fit for you? If you are shopping around based solely on price then you are missing the point entirely of a headshot.

Every small business dreams of being a big business. You are your brand. What you wear, how you act, how you communicate with others... All of it shapes you, your brand and what people think of you and your business. And if you haven't heard this before, your headshot is your first impression. Thanks to social media and our society of “sharing it all,” it's not hard for people to form an opinion about you before even picking up a telephone.

Here's an example: Lets say you are interviewing two real estate agents to sell your house. You've researched their credentials, sales statistics and have heard some great testimonials about each of them. One shows up to your home looking haphazard, like they've been rushing around doing errands. The other is smartly dressed and clearly looks like they spent time and care on their appearance. (Note, this example isn't just for realtors. This could also apply to personal trainers, healthcare professionals or anyone in a service industry.) 

So as you prepare for your headshot session, think about 3 words that you want to pop into your viewer's mind when they see your portrait. Are you approachable, confident, experienced, trusting? Or if your photo a selfie - the words might be partier, free-spirit, frazzled parent. You get the point. This is just one exercise for you to consider when selecting your clothing, hairstyle and makeup. If you are investing in a professional portrait, I recommend also having your hair and makeup professionally done.

I have a roster of professional hair/makeup stylists as well as image consultants to help you select your clothing. When we plan your portrait you'll be in safe hands with any of these wonderful people I trust.

Contact me and let's chat about how we can bring your vision and your brand to life. After all, isn't that why you're in business in the first place?

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