Vow Renewal | Bay Area Event Photographer

Read on (and view the slideshow) for the special story of this vow renewal ...

I tell stories with my photography. My goal has always been to capture this point in time of your life. With those you've chosen to live your life with. All sorts of people enter into your life for many reasons. Some are unknown. And some feel destined.

Rochelle Williston of Rochelle Williston Events and I had a vision. We were fornuate enough to have some of the best vendors work with us to help bring our vision to life. We had a hiccup in the road when mother nature didn't cooperate on our first planned date and then the couple that was supposed to model for us couldn't make the rescheduled photo shoot. Then entered Cathy and Todd. It was a picture perfect late Autumn afternoon. The garden of the homeowner who graciously allowed us to stage the event was perfectly seasonal with warm golden light peeking through the trees. 

The most special takeaway I will have from this photoshoot is that Cathy and Todd really got caught up in the moment. There were tears. And we felt blessed. It made the overall experience all the more specal for us.

Many clients have mentioned they've toyed with the idea of having a vow renewal party. Some reasons were to celebrate a special milestone or even because they were disappointed in their wedding photos (this makes me sad!) All of these reasons is what brought us to this vision. So why not throw yourself a little party? A celebration of this kind doesn't have to be over the top. Invite some friends, open your garden and have Rochelle and I plan something memorable for you.

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Big thanks to the following vendors: