venture into the unexpected . family photographer

I just finished reading an intriguing article in my favorite travel magazine Afar. They sent a writer with only 24 hours notice to Belize with no reservations, no spouse and no children. If this were you, would it put you on anxiety alert or would you pack your bags and run out the door screaming "YES"?

At first, I thought how can I get an assignment like this?!  My husband would panic with the household/childcare logistics, like most significant others would - packing school lunch, food shopping, after school activities. You can see it played out in your mind, I'm sure.

We try and control every aspect of our life, but that's really an illusion. All it takes is one unexpected occurrence and the entire day changes. 

As my busy season has geared up, I'm planning on letting the unexpected just happen. Sound very zen? Well it is! By December, I'm rushing around trying to squeeze every ounce of good weather before Winter arrives. Come Christmas, I crash.  Life is all about rushing around, getting from one place to another. Then you blink and you're looking a colleges for your kids.

Break the cycle and enjoy the here and now. When I first meet with a client, we talk about creating a session experience that really encompasses what they [their family] are all about. I want to create artwork of your family that you may not even know you wanted - until you see it. As a photographic artist, I will bring you my vision, my interpretations combined with your personality.

A custom portrait session is a joint venture. And no doubt you're saying, “how? my kids don't cooperate, my husband would rather be playing golf....” For starters, tell the family you are going to spend the morning or afternoon together. I want us to get to know one another. Allow me to create something that looks natural, unposed... unexpected.

If you promise yourself one thing as we get into the nicer weather, take time. Slow down. Let life unfold one day without a plan. And let's venture into the unexpected together!