automatically back up your iphone photos . wilton family photographer

Back to my post last week about your "nice shoebox," I'm sharing one of my FAVORITE apps that will make backing up those iphone photos easy. So easy, that once you set up your account, your images are AUTOMATICALLY backed up whenever you are on a wifi network. People, it can't get easier than this.

The name of the app is called Picturelife. You download it on your iphone and create an account. The account is free for up to 1700 photos or 5GB of cloud storage. Now here comes the fun part, it will email you (depending on the frequency you set it up to,) "memories" of that time period - say the previous year, or the previous season. So it's like a little trip down memory lane.

In addition if you have a Mac you can also download the app for your desktop and it will keep your iphoto photos backed up as well.

(Note: I haven't any affiliation with Picturelife, I'm just a big fan.)