3 Tips to get your kids to cooperate | CT family photographer

 3 top tips on how to get your kids to cooperate for the elusive holiday card photo:

1.     Make kids part of the process. Ask your children to help pick out what everyone should wear. The days of matchy-matchy are over! Don’t be afraid to show a little personality. Sweaters, scarves and even hats make nice touches.

2.     Use a self timer. Explain to the child that they need to press the shutter and then they have 10 seconds to run back to Mom and Dad. It’s fun and they will certainly be laughing from all the running back and forth.

3.     Give them a prop. Have kids sit on or snuggle in a blanket, or give them a favorite toy, bubbles, a pine cone, a flower; anything but food. Chewing never looks good in photos.

And most of all RELAX! We all want that perfect shot of our children looking like angels but is that realistic? Some of the best photos are ones where kids are laughing and even sometimes pouting.

I hope you give my tips a try. You can view more of my work and learn more about me here.

Nina Pomeroy