Family Beach Portraits, Rowayton CT

Photographing at the beach is probably twice as difficult than any other outdoor location. There's no other location where you are at the mercy of mother nature! The quality of the light, the temperature of the light, all of it changing minute to minute. However, I can say there's nothing quite like being near the water for me. 

Below this fun family and I hit the beach at Roton Point in Rowayton Connecticut. It was one of the last few really warm evenings and everyone was out enjoying themselves. As the sun began to set, so did the kids and I really have fun. This little guy was really into it and even started taking direction which is amazing for a little one his age. I don't think I had laughed that hard in a long time. Below is just a few of my many many favorites. I will look at it often and remember that I am now NOT wearing two layers of fleece already. Let's hope this Winter zooms by fast!