Interview your Mom - Mother's Day project #1

How much do you know about your Mom? We all know the basics of our Mom, but how often do you ask her questions about herself? 

In preparation of Mother's Day, interview Mom (or an equally special woman in your life!)

Ask about her about her childhood. What were her dreams as a young girl? Are they fulfilled? Is she still working on it? Did her life turn out as she anticipated? Did she always know she'd have children? What was her most memorable experience as a child? As a young adult? Do they have a plans that they still want to complete? Do they include travel? Where would she travel to if money were no object?

I know I'm in a bit of a conversational rut with my Mom. It's all the basic day-to-day questions. We talk at least 5 times a week if not more often. We don't live near one another and I wish we could video-chat but that's a technology lesson for another visit. 

This week I challenge you to interview your mother, grandmother, even your aunt. Ask her questions that you ordinarily  wouldn't. Perhaps you'll get some surprising answers!

Are you game? Any ideas for good meaty questions?