Modern Headshots | Bay Area Headshot Photographer

If you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or have a professional job where you often find yourself in need of an updated photo then please read on.

I'm not just saying this as a photographer, but as your really really really need a high quality headshot portrait. First impressions are just that - as humans we are make quick judgements. It's hard to change that first impression. So if your current photo on any social media site or professional business website has a photo of you on vacation sipping a fruity drink on the beach..then please heed my words.

Headshot professional portraits can be taken in our studio or on location using natural lighting. We will assist you in making clothing suggestions. We even have a makeup artist we can recommend who will join us at your session and ensure that you look your very best. Some forethought goes a LONG way. This portrait you will most likely use for 1-2 years so it's worth the investment in time and money.