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Personal Branding is more than just a headshot. Building your brand has never been more important. Whether you are just starting a business, have an established business, a coach, an author, or any industry, building your brand should be your top priority. Your business images, or commonly known as headshots, are an area that should not be taken lightly. When you have a professional, polished image that truly reflects who you are, it allows potential clients to feel a connection, AND take you seriously. Remember, you have a business, NOT a hobby. What does your current portrait convey about you?

Nina was able to give me the right coaching to get me to look good and natural. She was relaxed and gave lots of great suggestions to help me see different options. She was open and happy to continue trying different poses and looks until we found something that worked really well. Her turnaround time was super fast, and I’m really happy with the results.
— Sarah M.
I knew I needed a professional headshot portrait to portrait my business brand. However, I am uncomfortable in front of the camera and was concerned that my discomfort and apprehension would be what came across in the photos and that the images might look unnatural. To my absolute delight and surprise the complete opposite happened! Once we got started I relaxed, had fun and really enjoyed the session! The resulting images truly capture my personality and, I believe, reflect how I look when I feel my best - comfortable, relaxed and confident.

Nina is amazing…talented, fun, easy going and the photos will exceed your greatest expectations! Nina’s gift is that she is able to capture a subject’s most authentic self and, for that reason, her images are always beautiful and unique.
— Rochelle W.
I hate being the center of attention and am always critical of the way I look in pictures...I was worried about looking like a dork. In my own humble opinion, this did not come true. I actually think the shots she took of me look good. We had a fun conversation while the shoot went on; it helped distract from the fact the I was the center of attention for the camera, which makes me uncomfortable. Nina is fun to work with, and, having done this countless times, she knows how to read the people she’s photographing, myself included, and steer them into the right mood, the right position and the right place to get the most from the session and come up with the winning shot(s).
— Joseph Z.
I was concerned about getting a good selection of natural photos. A head shot can be tricky as it is necessary to find the sweet spot between professional and authentic. Nina gave me lots of excellent choices. She is relaxed and easy to talk to and she explained why she was asking me to pose a certain way, which I appreciated. Together we reviewed as we went along, which gave me confidence I would walk away with what I asked for. She will listen to you and provide the right blend of professionalism, skill and fun to get the job done and make the experience enjoyable and worthwhile.
— Viviane K.
I was a bit nervous about having my photo taken by someone I had not met - it seems like an “intimate” kind of experience, but Nina made me feel TOTALLY at ease from the moment I walked in. It [the experience] was fun. She made me feel totally comfortable and then the whole process was interesting; learning about the lighting, positioning and props. I also LOVED the photos! Go to Nina for your photos. You will love her!
— Jenny M.