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After meeting Nina for the first time I knew I would have no concerns about the quality, delivery or final product. The first set of pictures (in 2004) were outstanding and with each session I am more blown away. My favorite part, or should I say many parts, of my experience working with her is her personality, connection with our family and her forever smile. Having worked with Nina for 11 years now, she has so calmly and happily captured beautiful images even on the craziest days. Through laughter, sickness, postpartum insanity, grumpy, tired moments she managed to capture them all perfectly and give us a true picture of who we are together. And I love that she have become a part of our family and that my kids never complain that it is picture day!

My living room is one huge recommendation to Nina! Except raving about how lovely she is, I don’t have to say much. Her work says it all. People walk in, pause and can’t stop commenting from one picture to the next. I have told all of my friends that it is a priceless gift and she is amazing! And then I finish with, “Nina will be at their weddings!
— Stephanie F.
My biggest worry was that we wouldn’t get any good pictures because my son would fail to cooperate. She has always been amazingly flexible and patient and we have always gotten some awesome shots! As a mom herself, she understands how to deal with kids and also what moms are hoping to get out of the experience. She is reliable, patient, have a super quick turnaround, and above all, she is a great photographer.
— Debbie O.
I’ve known Nina both personally and professionally for over 13 years, and in that time, I continue to admire and cherish the work that she has done for our family. From our first portrait session, a session overseas, and to our most recent, Nina captures the spirit and vitality of our girls, and the love my husband and I have for them - I can only hope that Nina stays in business long enough to capture our girls’ weddings!!
— Kim A.
I think my biggest concern when working with Nina for the first time was that the photos would not be what I expected or envisioned. Instead, Nina is so innately talented, she can see things that I don’t notice and the photos come out just incredible. A moment or expression otherwise missed was instead captured and the essence of my daughter is forever frozen in time.

I love the relaxed atmosphere, that is professional and structured enough for even the most controlling person; but I enjoy how Nina relates to me as a Mom. She truly understands how important these moments are and immediately puts you at ease. Jokes fly, stories are told and quietly in the background the camera is clicking away. In a recent shoot with my parents, daughter and niece, I was moved by simply seeing all of these people that I love in one place creating memories of their own. Feelings are somehow magically captured in photographic prints to be treasured.

If I were to recommend her to my best friend I’d tell her to brush her hair, make sure her kids faces are clean and just show up. Everything else is in Nina’s capable and kind hands.
— Cindy N.