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Amy White - Intuitive Coach, Medium & Energy Healer (2019 Personal Branding Session)

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Barbara Benotto - California Licensed Realtor with Compass

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Kiron Dhaliwal - Your Concierge Vacations

It’s this love of learning and this insatiable curiosity to see the world that has led Kiron to create Concierge Vacations Inc. She continues to work on herself from the inside out, which is why Wellness Travel has become such a natural extension of where she is in her life today. The beauty of the sisterhood and finding your tribe with whom to share experiences and new adventures. My Soul Sister Sojourns does just that, allowing like-minded women to come together and see the world while cultivating new friendships and creating lasting bonds. She is comfortable and very skilled at planning great escapes to wherever your heart takes you.


Amy White -  Intuitive Coach, Medium & Energy Healer

Amy White is an Intuitive Coach, Medium and Energy Healer who works with her clients to heal the past, breakthrough challenges and thrive in their lives.

A once reluctant Intuitive Medium, Amy now embraces these gifts and has made it her intent to show up in the world as a Truthteller by shining her light as authentically as she can, as often as she can.

Amy’s work as a Truthteller started several years ago after she stepped forward as a Caregiver Champion. She often shares the story of supporting her son through his mental health crisis and the healing journey it launched for her. Without it, Amy would not have been able to so readily step into the intuitive and mediumship work that she offers.

My biggest worry was that my selection of outfits, hair and make up wouldn’t be “good enough” to achieve the look I was hoping for with the photos. I was happy with my selection however it was the magic of the photographer that made it all come together and look GREAT! The whole process was super fun! It was relaxed, comfortable and I laughed a lot! That made the process feel really easy and not contrived at all. The whole process was amazing and felt like two girlfriends hanging out. I want to do it every weekend.
— Amy W

Lucia Gulbransen - Personal Shopper & Image Consultant

Lucia Gulbransen is an image consultant credentialed by the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. 

First impressions can make or break your career. Managing your appearance is an important part of who you are. It tells people about your personality and lifestyle. In today’s world, image matters. Your appearance creates a lasting impression, and your day-to-day look is part of your “brand.”

She brings a fun and simple method to building an effective image – whether it’s personal or professional. Lucia's specific areas of services include: personal shopping, closet edits, personal styling, special occasion shopping, color analysis and body-type assessments.

How you feel about yourself shines through in how you present yourself. Confidence is truly the best thing you can wear. Why not invest some time in your look so you can feel your best – whether it’s at a social event or a on the job?

Her goal is to help every client achieve their personal best look through a better understanding of their personal characteristics, personality, and lifestyle.


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