I am a visual storyteller.

I believe in simple pleasures. I am a passionate person with a lot of love for my family, for my friends and for God. As a cancer survivor I live life one day at a time and take deep breaths of gratitude that I'm still here.

Born and raised in New York, my work exhibits the love I have for timeless history combined with the modern edge of being a city girl. What's the saying... "you can take a girl out of New York but you can't take New York out of the girl."

Starting as a travel photographer back in 2000, I then moved on to child and family portraits and now to headshots and brand photography. Ultimately, I LOVE meeting and photographing people. Known for a fun and collaborative vibe I'm always looking for unique ways to get "the shot." Style and experience are the reasons why clients keep coming back year after year. With numerous exhibits worldwide and publications in magazines and books, I love to create timeless art.

East coast - New York, Connecticut and Florida are just some of the places I often travel to. If you are interested in learning about my travel schedule or other more local travel commissioned services, please reach out

I approach every single photography assignment with a story in mind. Your story.

Contact me and together we will tell your story.


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