When did you last say “LIFE IS GOING BY TOO FAST!?” 

I did. Just this morning when I saw that my daughter is almost taller than I am. Just last week when I realized my beloved dog is already 7 years old (dogs really should live as long as humans.) 

This is why I am a photographer. To make you realize that the here and now is what's important. Not just the milestone events such as birthdays and graduations. 

At 18 my parents moved to Florida and I decided to stay in NY. (Best decision I ever made!) Shortly afterwards my grandmother passed and I inherited all her old photographs. I've always loved taking photos and watching endless slide shows with my parents from our trips. But, this was different. Here I was looking at photos of relatives from Italy and Ireland. Arriving at Ellis Island to make a new future for themselves and for all the generations to follow them. I connected with these photos. I learned about their stories from these images. 

Don't you want a legacy for your future generations?

With my own fresh perspective I seek to create a documentary of your life using my eye for composition as a fine art photographer. Best known for insightful images, my style is best described as easy-going, fun-loving and patient.

My professional experience, fresh ideas, special attention to detail are just some of the reasons my clients keep coming back year after year since the start of my business back in 2000. (The fastest 15 years ever!)

I love to travel, explore and meet new people. I am married to my best friend with whom we have a very funny and creative daughter. I'm a runner, knitter, foodie, warm weather lover and couldn’t live without my Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Originally from Brooklyn NY but somehow I ended up in the "woods" as my family calls it. 

I am grateful for all those who have let me into their lives to document their loved ones. I look forward to meeting you and capturing images that hold the stand of time so that you can share the true essence of who you are for generations to come.


I am currently available for portraits, special event including christenings, showers, birthdays and small weddings. I have a real appreciation for beautiful architecture and interior design and accept commissions for this type of work as well. I’ve traveled all over the world for my clients and am always up for interesting work, so please get in touch.